Office Networking

Physical wiring, wireless connections and installing switches on varying scales to different size businesses. We can do these as one off set ups or as part of continued contracts. We have a number of trained staff who will help you on site come up with the best solutions for networking routes and options.

Server Installation & Configuration

We offer both local and cloud based servers, for internal use, backups and Email services. There is a wide range of physical servers to meet your needs and we will see which best meets your needs after a consultation.
Over the years we have helped companies progress from pop3 to Imap and now we are helping a number of companies upgrade to Microsoft exchange and office 365 email. We can help set small companies up with personalised email addresses, medium and large companies set up mail exchanges with encryption and advanced firewalls. With our current array of customers from different backgrounds we can usually advise you on what you will best suit your needs.
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Backup Services

We offer backup services both locally on site with the use of Network Attached Storage (NAS) and offsite backup to the cloud. Some customers need long term backups for legal and medical practices and others need backups for a whole company with hundreds of users.
Our physical storefront offers a repair service for nearby local customers, but as part of business contracts our customers often choose us to pick up, repair and return their machines repaired or replaced. We can also offer discounted prices on new machines and laptops depending on the level of contract.
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The most common contracts with Microton include help and support both over the phone and in person in the shop. We will talk through issues, help try to resolve them and can offer remote login support. Either full business or just email support for those that have an email package.
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